Website Design & Online Advertising.

Bruce R. Thomas, BRT Computer Consulting.

Business websites should achieve multiple objectives:
• provide information about your business and sell your products.

• communication tools help to serve your current customers.

• advertise your business on the Internet and attract new customers.

Website Design.

• Design your website to look great and to describe the products that your business sells. Communicate via web forms and other tools to help serve your current customers. Online shopping carts enable your products to be sold directly via your website. 

Use Multiple Styles of Communication. Text, pictures, audio/video, and online communication tools are all needed on your website to deliver your business information to the widest possible range of potential customers.

Online & Offline Advertising.

• Your beautiful website does not automatically advertise itself. Many business websites sit quietly on the Internet and contribute little or nothing to the profitability of the business.

• Advertising is needed to get a traffic of new potential customers to view your website. The Internet provides many online advertising opportunities that can help bring a traffic of new potential customers to view your website. Businesses should also incorporate their websites into whaterver traditional "offline" advertising that they do (e.g. business cards, signs, print advertising, broadcast advertising). 

Design an Advertising Strategy that uses your business website and other Internet resources to help your business succeed.

Contact BRT Computer Consulting for help designing a new website for your organization or a new SEO advertising strategy for your existing website.

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