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Computer Introduction 1

Working with Windows

BR Thomas, Teacher, Davis Adult School

Computer & Business Education

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Basic keyboarding and mouse skills or concurrent enrollment in our Keyboarding and Mouse Skills class.

Course Description

This is a beginning, hands-on course in how to use a Windows PC computer. Students will learn how to get started and will build confidence in using a computer. Basic file and disk management will be demonstrated and practiced. These are the critical skills that everybody must know in order to be a successful computer user. The class will be limited to 25 students per section.

Topic List (tentative)

  1. Windows Explorer, working in windows, toolbar, view options, folders
  2. Windows Explorer, creating & saving data files
  3. Windows Explorer, moving files, finding files, shortcut files
  4. Diskettes, CD-ROMs, USB Drives
  5. Keyboard navigation, Keyboard shortcuts

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• Check BRT's current/upcoming class schedule to see when this class will be available.
• Check the Davis Adult School website for registration and directions to the classroom.

Courses to take next

Classroom courses. Computer Introduction 2 class will introduce some basic software applications.