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Computer Introduction 2

Software Applications

BR Thomas, Teacher, Davis Adult School

Computer & Business Education

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Computer Introduction 1 class.

Course Description

This is a beginning, hands-on course in how to use software applications. Text editing with Notepad and Wordpad software is useful for writing letters, emails, etc. and provides basic skills needed to work with many other types of software. Calculator and Address Book are important office productivity tools. Music and movies make the computer experience more enjoyable. Drawing and artwork with Paint software is useful for making many types of colorful artistic documents. Photo editing with IrfanView software is useful for optimizing pictures from your digital camera. The class will be limited to 25 students per section.

Topic List (tentative)

  1. Editing Text 1
  2. Editing Text 2
  3. Calculator, Address Book, AudioVideo
  4. Drawing & Artwork
  5. Photos & Digital Images

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