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Computer Introduction 3

Customizing Windows

BR Thomas, Teacher, Davis Adult School

Computer & Business Education

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Computer Introduction 1 and Computer Introduction 2 classes or equivalent experience.

Course Description

This 5-week course will emphasize customizing Windows maintenance, customizing and troubleshooting.

to serve your needs and troubleshooting the glitches and gremlins that constantly appear in our PCs.

Students will also learn how to do the basic maintenance to keep their computers running in tip-top shape.

Many of the aggravating things your computer does can be changed, but you have to learn what the choices are and how to make the adjustments. Students will learn to adjust Windows settings and make backups to protect the data files. This course is taught in a lab with Windows 2000, but we will also discuss similarities and differences of the Windows 98 and Windows XP operating systems.

Topic List (tentative)

  1. Upgrading an old computer - Buying a new computer
  2. Organizing Programs and Documents
  3. Administrative, Accessibility and Diagnostic Tools
  4. Software Installation
  5. Setting Object Properties
  6. Customizing the Desktop
  7. Control Panel Settings
  8. Data Backup

1. Disk Cleanup

2. Disk Maintenance

3. System Restore

4. Safe Mode

5. Rescue Disk

6. Diagnosis of Hardware vs. Software Malfunction

7. Eradication of Viruses, Spyware, etc.

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