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Digital Graphic Arts

Bruce Thomas, Teacher

Computer Technology

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Course Description

This 5-week course will cover the basics of digital drawing and GIF animation techniques. Students will receive copies of the drawing and animation software used in class to take home for personal use. Student purchase of a Wacom Graphire 3 drawing tablet is recommended for use in class and at home.

We will produce graphic arts that are suitable for use in PowerPoint slideshows, websites, and desktop publishing of printed materials. Students will learn how to draw on the computer to make custom graphic arts specifically for their own needs.

We will also animate our graphic arts. Many of the moving objects in websites and in digital slideshows are GIF animations. Production of a simple GIF animation is easy to learn and can produce some beautiful results when used appropriately. We will make GIF animations for use in websites and in slideshows.

Topic List (tentative)

  1. Editing clipart from other sources
  2. Drawing digital art
  3. Drawing 2
  4. Animating digital art
  5. Animation 2

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