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Digital Images 3D & Panoramic

BR Thomas, Teacher, Davis Adult & Community Education

Computer & Business Education

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Digital Images Introduction class, OR basic skills in digital photography.

Course Description

New course proposal. 

Topic List (tentative)

  1. Panoramic Photography
  2. Panoramic Photography
  3. 3D Photography
  4. 3D Photography
  5. 3D Photography

Sign-Up for the Class.

• Check BRT's current/upcoming class schedule to see when this class will be available.
• Check the Davis Adult School website for registration and directions to the classroom.

Courses to take next

Digital Images Intermediate class will include more advanced skills, including the use of Adobe Photoshop software.
PowerPoint, Website Design and Desktop Publishing classes provide opportunities to use your digital images.

3D Image Links

- require Red/Cyan glasses for viewing (red lens over the left eye).
- purchase "anaglyph or anachrome or 3D"" glasses.
     - search for a supplier using your favorite Internet search engine.
     - some suppliers will send a free sample of paper frame red/cyan glasses.
- to find more 3D images search for keywword anaglyph in any Internet search engine.
- use the back button to return to this page.

Hypostereo 3D images have depth extending behind the screen.;action=list

Hyperstereo 3D images appear to extend above the screen.

Panoramic Image Links.

- when you can't get a BIG SCENE into a single photo
- software can be used to stitch overlappping photos together
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Panoramic images made by combining multiple photos.