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Internet of the Future

BR Thomas, Teacher, Computer Technology, Davis Adult School

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Internet Introduction class or experience with email and world wide web (surfing the Internet).

Course Description

New online services are making the Internet of today and tomorrow a dynamic and interactive place that is impacting virtually every corner of our personal and professional lives.

Topic List (tentative)

  1. How we communicate - Instant messaging, Chat Rooms, Discussion Boards.
  2. How we get information - Search engines, RSS Newsfeeds, Mapping, Mashups.
  3. How we collaborate - Wikis, Web Logs (blogs).
  4. How we socialize - Social Networking, File Sharing, Music & Video.
  5. How we buy & sell - eCommerce, PayPal, eBay.

Sign-Up for the Class.

• Check BRT's current/upcoming class schedule to see when this class will be available.
• Check the Davis Adult School website for registration and directions to the classroom.

Courses to take next

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