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Keyboard and Mouse Skills

BR Thomas, Teacher, Davis Adult School

Computer & Business Education

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Course Description

This class is designed for beginners as well as those needing improvement in overall typing skills, including speed and accuracy. Students at all levels of typing skills may enroll in this course. Class will be taught in a Windows PC computer lab. The curriculum includes learning the alphabetic keyboard, numbers, proofreading and how to effectively use a mouse. Good keyboard and mouse skills will help you to become a more comfortable and efficient computer user.


Students will receive a certificate with the typing speed that they achieve at the end of the course. Some jobs with the State of California require a typing speed of 40 words per minute or greater. Typing skills are also required for jobs with many other government or private sector employers.

Topic List (tentative)

  1. Keyboard skills and Numberpad Skills.
  2. Mouse skills.
  3. Exercises for warmup.
  4. Ergonomics for prevention of injury.
  5. Proofreading.
  6. Typing speed certification test.

Sign-Up for the Class.

• Check BRT's current/upcoming class schedule to see when this class will be available.
• Check the Davis Adult School website for registration and directions to the classroom.

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