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Website Design Intermediate

BR Thomas, Teacher, Davis Adult School

Computer & Business Education

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Website Design Introductory class or consent of instructor.

Course Description

This course will continue the development of the students' basic websites and begin the transition to the design of professional quality websites. Students will learn to design user-friendly web sites that satisfy the newest XHTML standards and to use cascading style sheets for efficient control of page styles.

Topic List (tentative)

  1. Perfecting your HTML code
  2. Optimizing your page download speeds
  3. Upgrading your code to XHTML standards
  4. Perfecting your site navigation
  5. Making your site user-friendly
  6. Cascading Style Sheets 1
  7. Cascading Style Sheets 2
  8. Cascading Style Sheets 3
  9. Attracting viewers to your site
  10. Student Project Presentations

Sign-Up for the Class.

• Check BRT's current/upcoming class schedule to see when this class will be available.
• Check the Davis Adult School website for registration and directions to the classroom.

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