Site Design

Style. The site design emphasizes the textures and colors of the natural environment. All textured backgrounds were photographed at Death Valley. Colors for tables were selected from the textured background photos.

These pages were designed based on the philosophy of Dao (Dao of Web Design). Font sizes are controlled entirely by the browser settings of the reader's computer (adjust text size). Flexible page designs will adapt for display on a wide range of monitor sizes, screen resolutions and window sizes. Page layouts were made with a series of small tables to allow each table to display independently as soon as it downloads. Tables were also used to ensure that text was readable on a smooth background.

Code. XHTML code was designed using Amaya and Nvu software. CSS code was written using Notepad software. Even with clean, precise, minimal XHTML/CSS code some page download times may be a little long, but hopefully readers will hang in there for the large, clear pictures of epic scenery (photo methods). Many image files are preloaded to reduce the apparent download times for readers who go through the site in linear order.

Affiliates. Ads for products from carefully selected affiliated companies are displayed throughout this website. Please use these links from my website if you decide to purchase any products from these companies. A small fraction of your purchase price is returned to me to help pay the costs of making this website and the bandwidth needed to deliver the pages to readers via the Internet. Your purchase price for the item is the same regardless of whether you use the link on my website vs. going directly to the affiliate company website.

Slideshows. Big Valleys, Little Canyons) were based on a free JavaScript from The JavaScript Source. Modifications were made to conform to XHTML and CSS standards and to operate from an external script file. Scripts can enhance the functionality of a site by providing some behavior (i.e. activity and interactivity), but should not be used to provide functions that are necessary for the function of the site (Unobtrusive JavaScript).

The Flick Animation images are based on the CSS method of Stu Nichols.

Accessibility. This website was designed to be highly accessible as described in my Accessibility Statement. Pages were tested to ensure that they looked good when viewed using a wide range of relatively modern hardware and software. These pages degrade acceptably when viewed on many types of older equipment and older software.

Privacy. This website respects the privacy of the viewers as described in my Privacy Statement.

Standards. The pages within this website meet the following Internet standards:

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