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Death Valley National Park

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campground information

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Death Valley Maps

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Death Valley Dayhikes

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dayhike books


Best Easy Day Hikes Death Valley by Cunningham & Burke.
"This compact guidebook features easily accessible hikes that appeal to the full spectrum of visitors - from kids to grandparents. These 23 hikes sample the best that Death valley has to offer, for the casual hiker and also for those in search for a mellow start to a longer, more difficult hike." The book provides trail maps and interesting information about human history, wildlife and geology at Death valley National Park.

Death Valley Wildflowers

Death Valley Flora 2005 - Diana Garcia.
Death Valley Wildflowers - National Park Service.
California Wildflower Locations - Wildflower Hotsheet.
Plants Blooming Now In Southern California -

wildflower books


Death Valley Wildflowers by Roxana Ferris.
This small book describes many of the most common, interesting and beautiful wildflowers that can be found at Death Valley National Park. Brief descriptions of the plants and their habitats are illustrated with line drawings of the plants and their flowers.

Death Valley Geology

3-D Geology of Death Valley NP -
Virtual Field Trip - Death Valley - USGS.
Geology of Death Valley NP -
Death Valley NP Geology -

geology books


Geology Underfoot in Death Valley and Owens Valley by Sharp & Glazner.
Here in eastern California "lies the greatest dryland relief in the contiguous United States: the 14, 776-foot difference between Mt. Whitney at 14,494 feet above sea level in the Sierra Nevada and Badwater Basin at 282 feet below sea level in Death Valley. That relief alone provides spectacular scenery, a wide range of environments, and a rich variety of landforms." The first 16 chapters describe the geology in and around Death Valley National Park, including maps and black & white pictures.

additional books


Road Guide to Death Valley National Park by Barbara & Robert Decker.
"This book is designed to guide visitors on a driving tour of the major sights in this spectacular land of shimmering deserts, snow-covered mountains, and immense vistas of ever-changing light and color." The main themes are one daytrip south of Furnace Creek and another daytrip to the north. In addition, there is a little information on side trips on dirt roads, hiking trails, food and lodging.  The book is also beautifully illustrated with maps, drawings and color photos.

A Falcon Guide to Death Valley National Park - A Guide to Exploring the Great Outdoors by Bert & Jane Gildart.
This book describes 30 hikes and drives, nicely arranged in geographic sections. The book is well illustrated with detailed maps and black & white pictures.

Death Valley Photo Galleries.

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Berggreen Family Travels.
Death Valley April 06 - Tom Harvey.
Death Valley Wildflower Extravaganza: April 2005 - Neil Mishalov.

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Adele's hiking and camping links.
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