Going to Death Valley National Park

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Bruce & Irene at Death Valley

Mom & I left Davis at the crack of dawn and then went south on Hwy 99 to meet Jim & Betty in Fresno. We had lunch at a Basque restaurant in Bakersfield, then headed east towards Death Valley National Park. The route was quite scenic once we got off of Hwy 99.

Jim & Betty at Death Valley

Betty & Bruce at Fremont Valley on the south side of Randsburg Red Rock Road (topo map). JHP3240209.jpg

Here is a view of the Panamint Valley and the west side of the Panamint Range in the background (topo map). Panorama of two pictures. BTP3240008-011c.jpg

Death Valley National Park is a beautifully textured environment. All background images were photographed on site.

Background = wind-blown patterns at the Sand Dunes.

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