Panoramic Photography at Death Valley National Park



These panoramic photographs from Death Valley are best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels or larger. My article on Vision Comfort describes how you can reset the screen resolution on your computer.



Flick animations of the photographs show the Death Valley landscape as if your eyes are panning across the scenery.

Panoramic photography is very helpful for capturing the scenery at Death Valley National Park. Panoramas give the "big view" with more of the feeling of being there. After zooming out as far as your camera permits and stepping back as far as you can sometimes it still isn't possible to get the entire scene into one photo. Panoramic photography combines multiple overlapping pictures into a single photograph (see photography methods and panoramic photography tutorial). This provides photos of great beauty. Here is a picture gallery with some of my favorite Death Valley photographs. 

Background = salt pan at the sand dunes in Death Valley.

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