Irene's Haiku - Fall

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After the wedge of geese
Canyon returns to quiet
I resume my walking.

Whatever my thoughts
Listening and understanding
The mountain

half dome mountain and trees

Leaves of many colors
Falling to create the carpet
For my weary feet.

If butterflies were trees
How colorful the forest would be
A patchwork of aspens.

Wild geese returning
Through the misty sky - behold a
Painting with faint ink


While hiking high on canyon wall
Flying in tight V formation
Canadian geese.

Wild geese in formation
We looked each other in the eye
Hiking on canyon wall.

persimmon wheat

Thoughts never enough
The heart teaches us to speak
Reach - make connections.

Water drops not like rain
Plop - plop - plop - plop
Dank dark rain forest

Shimmers of liquid gold
Hiking path sentinels
Aspens in the wind

Redwoods reach up to the sky
As I, with awe go among them
Steps ever mindful

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