Irene's Haiku - Spring

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The busy robin
Gathering threads and twigs
Soon a finished nest.

Life's pulses bring order
Colorful dying fall leaves
New green buds in spring

Forest fire remains
Blackened tree stumps stand over
New green life.

The wind plays a game
Swooping down and blowing
Seeds from the dandelions.


Night follows day
The night sky may be overcast
But the stars are always there.

Water sings over stones
Carrying the mountain's secrets
To the waiting sea.

Many mountain babblers
Water cascading ever down
Valley farmers boon


With long necks thrust forward
Wedging their way through the canyon
Geese with noisy wings.

In a cirle they wheel
Wild snow geese - Oh look!
So perfectly white.

Eagles ride thermals
Earth falls away below
Freedom, ah freedom.

Wind last night blew down
Patioful of orange tree petals
Enjoy the sweeping!


Sun strikes mountain tops
Waking birds break into song
Hello! to new day.

Warmth coming and going
Venturing each day anew
Sweet hesitant spring!

Sun strikes mountain tops
Walking birds break into song
Hello to new day

Across my path
Serenely placing their hoofs
The doe and fawn.

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