Irene's Haiku - Summer

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A mosaic of gray
Dappled lichen on granite
Sparkles in sunlight.

Like Gretel's crumbs
Flowers strewn on forest floor
Guide us through the trees.


The wind plays a game
Swooping down and blowing
Seeds from the dandelion

Across my path
Serenely placing their hoofs
The doe and fawn.

Water drops -- not like rain
Plop -- plop -- -- plop, plop
In the clammy dark rain forest.

In your quiet moments
Did you think beautiful thoughts
And listen to a bird?


On early morning beach
Lines of deer slots in the sand
I slept too late

Many mountain babblers
Water cascading ever downward
Valley farmer's boon.


On the swaying boughs
Leaves playing at tai chi
It's a windy day.

Earth jewels of dew
Tapestry crown sky of morn
How wealthy the day

Holding in his lap
My gift a fresh white flower
Buddha under the bush.

chrysanthemum flower

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