Thursday Sept 16. We visited Fort Stevens on the Oregon side, then over to Washington to see Fort Columbia, Fort Canby, Leadbetter State Park and the Cranberry Museum. Then we went north to stop at the city of Aberdeen, WA.

Friday. We went to Olympic National Park - Quinault region rain forest on the west side of the park. We hiked the Falls Ck Loop Trail and Gatton Ck Falls Trail. We drove out the south Shore and North Shore road along the Quinault River. Then we hiked the Rain Forest Nature Trail and Maple Glade Nature Trail. We stayed at the town of Forks, WA.

Saturday. We went to Olympic National Park - Hoh region rain forest. We hiked the Spruce Nature Trail, Hall of Mosses Trail and Hoh River Trail. Then we drove to Ruby Beach and returned to Forks, WA.

Spruce Nature Trail
forest along Spruce Nature Trail

Hall of Mosses
Hall of Mosses forest

Hall of Mosses
Hall of Mosses forest    Hall of Mosses forest

Hoh River Trail
Hoh River

Ruby Beach
seacoast at Ruby Beach

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