Thursday Sept 23. Cloudy cooler weather was predicted for Washington and Oregon so we headed south in a hurry. Along the Columbia River Scenic Gorge we visited Multnomah Falls, then drove east to Mt. Hood. We hiked the Tamanawas Falls Trail, had lunch at Sherwood Campground along the EF Hood River. Mt Hood also has a silty White River draining one of its glaciers. The southerly view of Mt Hood from Timberline Lodge shows a rapidly developing weather system. Mt Hood seems most majestic from a greater distance where it rises above the surroundings and dominates the views. There was an incredible sunset as we drove to the city of Klamath Falls, OR.

EF Hood River, Mt Hood

EF Hood River

vine maple, Tamanawas Falls Trail
Mom & Bruce, vine maple, Tamanawanas Falls Trail

White River, Mt Hood
White River, Mt Hood

Upper Klamath Lake
Upper Klamath Lake at sunset

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